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ShowCase „Smart Mobility with Open Data“

This page contains a componentized version of the Flinkster Car Search. We created it on the DB Open-Data-Community-Hackevent in December 2018. Find a presentation of all related elements on flinkster-car-search@0.1.0-SNAPSHOT – Demopage.

This showcase uses open data provided by Flinkster and OpenRouteService. For data transformation and enrichment we use an OpenWhisk serverless backend provided by IBM (

The ui elements are made with with Cubbles. So we can easily integrate them into existing websites – like this one 😉 …

Note: This the result of a hackathon – not a production-ready micro webapp. We predefined a number of stations, the result table has one page only, a loading spinner would be nice, the details view is quite simple etc. But  from a technical point of view is works quite well.

The UI consists of three elements …

The first one is a simple selector element:
[ {"rentalObject": {"uid": "1", "name": "Opel Astra Kombi", "description": "1.0 Benzin 77KW NAVI"}, "distance": 154.34}, {"rentalObject": {"uid": "2", "name": "Ford Mondeo Kombi", "description": "2,0 Diesel 110kW NAVI Automatik festes Trenngitter"}, "distance": 254.34}, {"rentalObject": {"uid": "3", "name": "Ford Fiesta", "description": "1.0 Benzin 74kW NAVI"}, "distance": 170.73}, {"rentalObject": {"uid": "4", "name": "Opel Corsa", "description": "1,4 Benzin 66kW NAVI"}, "distance": 229.34}, {"rentalObject": {"uid": "5", "name": "Ford Transit Custom 9-Sitzer", "description": "2,0 Diesel 77kW langer Radstand"}, "distance": 90.34} ]
The table to show a list of the cars found.
A separate element for the details of a selected car.
{"rentalObject": {"uid": "1", "name": "Opel Astra Kombi", "description": "1.0 Benzin 77KW NAVI"}, "distance": 154.34}